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Tobacco-Free Campus

Cost of Smolking

Hidden Costs of Smoking

You know the high price of cigarettes. But have you considered all the costs?

  • Higher insurance rates
  • Extra medical expenses
  • Higher cleaning costs
  • Reduced home and car values
  • Reduced savings and investment income



Smoking Costs per Year†


Pack-a-Day Habit

Pack-a-Week Habit




Car Insurance



Health Insurance



Homeowners Insurance



Doctor Visits










† Source: The Cost of Smoking. Cigarettes estimated at $6 per pack. The insurance and medical costs reflect average premiums and other costs added to the average base-costs of nonsmokers.

‡ Total does not include extra cleaning costs and decreased values of smoke-damaged cars, homes and personal possessions.



The average cost of tuition, fees and books for a full-time, instate UTB/TSC undergraduate is $5190. Do the math for a pack-a-day habit:

($3,720 % $5,190) x 100 = 72%

That’s nearly three-quarters of a year of school! If you make minimum wage ($7.25 per hour), that’ll take you three months to earn at 40 hours per week.

School is an investment. Smoking is a waste.


Out of School

Faculty and staff members and alumni: What if you saved that money?

$3,720 % 12 = $310 per month

Investing $310 per month at 5 percent interest for 10 years will yield:

$37,200 principal + $11,138 interest = $48,338*

Who couldn’t use 50 grand? Invest in yourself and your family: Quit the habit.

* Source: savings calculator.


Learn More

Go to The Cost of Smoking website.


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