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Below are the typical steps for Creative Services projects. Every project is unique, but these are a good overview of what to expect.Plan a Project with Creative Services

1. Assign one point-of-contact for your department to work with your Creative Services project lead.

2. Plan ahead. Quality work takes time. Review our posted deadlines.

3. Contact Creative Services to discuss your needs and expectations:

4. Submit a request form for advertising, design, promotional item  or editing.

5. Note if your job includes or will include non-English text. All non-English text will be written, translated or edited by the Office of Translation and Interpreting, which will submit per-word charges to your department.

6. Consult with your Creative Services project lead, who will be assigned and in contact with you shortly after we receive your request form.

7. Submit all required text, artwork and photos to your project lead.

8. Submit your purchase order (P.O.) for printing or advertising as soon as possible, if applicable:

  • UTB Printing Services transactions are made via IDTs.

9. Contact Mail Services for mailing requirements, if applicable, at 956-882-5935.

10. Review final proofs of your job:

  • Mark final corrections.
  • Get required approvals.

Note: Creative Services has a responsibility to ensure that your job meets UTB branding and writing style standards and also harmonizes with the university’s marketing strategy. 



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