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In keeping with mission of The University of Texas at Brownsville, holistic nursing philosophy, and precepts that effective teaching is grounded in social science and educational research we, the faculty of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, believe that:

A. Students

  1. Students should be nurtured in their quest for knowledge and, to this extent, should have access to high quality, progressive programs that meet their needs.
  2. Students have a right to expect excellence in the classroom and in all forms of distance education.

B. Education

  1. Holistic nurse educators acquire and maintain current knowledge and competency in holistic nursing practice.
  2. Holistic nurse educators act as mentors to students as they seek to grow professionally in areas of holistic development.
  3. Education requires a holistic focus, encompassing the five core values of holistic nursing, to empower students in the areas of self-discovery and self-care.
  4. The effective teacher provides learning experiences that foster the development of students empowered to improve the quality of care.
  5. Excellent teachers address multiple learning styles by utilizing a wide variety of teaching methodologies.
  6. Teachers who model carative behaviors in their teaching-learning interactions promote carative behaviors among students.

C. Nursing

  1. Nursing is an art and science focusing on healing the whole person.
  2. Nurses facilitate the healing process through therapeutic relationships that honor the body, mind and spirit.
  3. The teacher demonstrating genuiness, empathy, and spirit nurtures holistic nursing professionalism.
  4. The effective holistic nurse models advocacy by acting as a student advocate.
  5. The holistic nurse utilizes research that supports nursing and includes descriptive, explanatory and exploratory designs.
  6. Professional nursing is guided by the nurses’ personal philosophy that incorporates professional responsibility, accountability, and advocacy for patient, family and community.
  7. Respect for individual differences related to cultural diversity, enhances nursing practice and promotes carative behaviors.​



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