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​​​TSI Workshops and College Readiness Summer Bridge

TSI W​​​​​​orkshops are modularized workshops by objective that can be offered according to students' individual needs as reported on the TSI Diagnostic Assessment. The students will meet with an Instructional Specialist or one of the co-directors prior to registering for the workshops to review the individual's diagnostic results and reco​​mmend appropriate workshops. These workshops will be offered Monday through Thursday during June 2nd through August 8th and will cost $10 per objective workshop. Each objective workshop is one hour in duration. ​

Eligibility: Open to all students who have taken the TSI and have not met the college readiness standard. 

College Readiness Summer Bridge (CRSB) is a summer program designed to prepare 80 students (40 math, 40 reading and/or writing) to be college ready in terms of developing skills and behaviors necessary to be successful in college. The program lasts for three weeks, three hours per day. Students will familiarize themselves with course and instructor expectations in freshman core courses (College Algebra, History, or Composition I). CRSB will be offered June 30 through July 21, and if possible, students will be reserved a seat in Orientation and reserved a seat in College Algebra, History, or Composition I. The students will be charged a $50 fee. These students will allowed to enroll at UTB upon successful completion of the CSRB without having to retest. Students will be pretested and post-tested to measure and document progress. We will track their progress in College Algebra, History, or Composition I in the Fall semester. 

Eligibility: Open to students who have missed meeting the college readiness standard in one subject area. 

Students interested in attending either one of these programs must bring the TSI diagnostic sheet, which is provided to them at the testing site, prior to registering for one of these programs. 

For information about registering for either one of these college readiness options, please call Ms. Judy Moreno at 882-8208 between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, or come by the Learn​ing Enrichment Center in the Student Union, Room 2.10. ​​
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