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iPad Resources

iPads and other tablets have become important classroom tools for learning. Put a table in the hands of students they are able to manage their learning with apps they download, calendars that keep them up to date, watch lectures on line and research for information.

Faculty can use the iPads for in class writing and peer review, note taking by groups, showing illustrations and managing assignments and other activities. Students are in control of the technology and faculty can spend more time, one-on-one, with students in discussions and other projects.

Tools - Apps

Apps are available as tools for students. For almost any activity, there is an app. The best is that there are often different types of apps for the same function. This allows students to choose the one that best suits their learning style. Visit our a href="iPadApps.aspx">App Page to see what is available.


Tables and apps allow faculty and students to choose different types of activities that suit their individual learning style. Click here for examples.

Writing tools

Students can use different tools for work processing, spreadsheets, and even presentations. Visit here for resources.

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