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Using Wikis

Wikis are documents on the Internet that faculty, students and others can edit at any time.  Used creatively, they  have proven to be successful to aid students working in groups, note taking, and communication.  Best of all, they are free!

Faculty and students can easily create a wiki on the Internet:

Wikispaces - This is a place that hosts free wikis. As with most free technology, with money you can get a premium account that provides more advanced features. Howwever the free one is good for most teachinig activities.

Using Wikis for Improved Student Note Taking

How often have your students looked at you after you told them to study their notes and exclaimed, "I couldn't read them!".

Richard Buckland This link will take you to Wikis in University Teaching and Learning a video that was produced during a workshop presented by Richard Buckland on how he uses wikis in his college classes to improve student note taking and, hence, learning. Students work on the wiki, collectively taking notes, clarifying each others thinking, and discussing concepts.

Wikis will also be available with the new edition of BlackBoard that will be rolled out in June. Watch for training dates coming soon.

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