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How to Guide a Tour

Leading tours in Second Life are about the same as real life; you have to be well organized and have tools to help keep the group together.

The following tutorials will provide suggestions for ways to lead a successful tour.

Use Notecards as Organizers

Notecards can be made inworld, inside Second Life, and handed to the participants when they assemble for the tour through the Group Notices or through individual IM’s. The notecard can contain a Landmark and image for each place you will be going along with a written description. During the tour participants can keep the card handy if they get lost. After the tour, they easily find the location again.

To make a tour notecard:

The instructions to make a notecard can be found in this tutorial in Basic Skills, Make a Notecard.
  • Click on the inventory folder.
  • Click on the plus mark at the bottom of the pop-up panel.
  • A New Notecard will appear in your Inventory under Notecards. Rename your notecard to the name of your tour or activity. You can do this by right clicking on New Notecard then scroll down to Rename.


The notecard is simple text with no frills and does not have spell check. Use a word processor to compose your text and then copy and past it to the notecard.

  • Give the name and description of the places you are going to visit. It is best to put the information in the order in which they will be visiting.
  • Add Landmarks to your Notecard. Drag your Landmarks from the Landmark folder into the appropriate place in the notecard.

You can make specific landmarks by going to the location, go to World at the top bar, then Landmark this Place. That will put a landmark into your Landmark Folder.

Rename the landmarks to match your description of the places in your tour. You may want to put just one per island, or give them special points of interest that match your teaching goals and keep them moving. Remember on an electronic media, people know they are interactive and get distracted easily. Help them find you when they do.

  • Add photos of specific places and items of interest. Drag the photos from your Inventory Folder under Photo Album onto the notecard.

Use your Camera at the bottom bar to take pictures of the highlights of your tour. The picture will go into your folder Photo Album. When you are ready, drag it into your notecard like you did the Landmark. This will help the participants focus on what you want to feature.  Detailed instructions can be found by clicking here.

The notecard becomes a part of each participant’s inventory so he or she will have the information to return to places to explore in more depth.

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