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Group for Managing Tours

Make a Group, an organization of your tour participants, to communicate.

With a Group you can send out tour notices with pre and post activities to all your participants. You can use the Group Chat and Group Voice to keep in contact with group members, where ever they may be. You can also save the Group Chat for answering questions, reflection and analysis afterward.

Create Your Group

To make a Group, open the People Tab. Click on Groups. At the bottom of the page you will see a +, click on that and scroll to New Group. Click on New Group. This brings up a panel to create your Group. Give your Group a name that matches your learning goals.

Upload a unique colorful graphic in the profile that will help participants identify the group notices and chats. Complete the profile with a description of your tour goals and objects with contact information for pre and post questions and suggestions.

It will cost $100 Lindens to create your Group. IM Betz Darwinian for funding.

Pre Tour Activities

  • Ask the participants to provide you with their avatar’s name and real name. You can easily do this by creating a spreadsheet that they can provide the information electronically.
  • Send an invitation to each of the participants to join the tour group.
  • Send notices announcing the tour with the Landmark of your meeting place. To create interest you can also send them objects, like scuba gear, dark glasses, or popcorn to create interest. You can also send notecards, pictures, and landmarks.

Tour activities

  • Give the participants the notecard and other things they will need for the tour through a Group Notice.
  • Communicate through the Group chat or voice. No matter how spread out your group gets, the participants can communicate with each other. When you are using the Group Chat and Group Voice, other avatars who are not in your Group cannot read or hear your conversation so you can communicate freely.

Post Tour Activities

  • Send follow up notices for participants that would keep their interest going.
  • Send an evaluation for the participants to complete through the notices.
  • Save and analyze the group chat for questions, suggestions and feedback from the experience.
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