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Permissions, Locking, and Phantom Objects

The video below contains information about how to set permissions to protect or share objects you have made, how to lock objects to prevent others from copying or modifying, and how to make objects that avatars can walk through.

Student builders on vUTB must set their permissions so that their professor or vUTB land owner can move the object to another place, copy it to keep it in UTB inventory, and share objects that are subject to the rules of open source software.

Locking objects prevents others from taking scripts or objects that are subject to intellectual property rights.

Phantom objects are those that avatars can walk or fly through. These would include trees, walls, and other objects that might otherwise interfere with navigation. Phantom objects are also used for visual effects and atmosphere. >


Flex prims: Changing the properties of prims to make them more flexible, soft, respond to gravity, or have movement.

Link: Linking prims make them act as one object rather than individual prims. Linking prims is necessary to keep an objects together.

Scripts: Scripts are small computer scripts that add action to an object. Many scripts are open source and can be borrowed and edited without permission.

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