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Basic Use of Flexie Prims, Linking Prims

The video below contains information about how to change the physical properties of prims, link prims together to make and object and add scripts to add actions to the objects.

By changing the physical properties of prims they can become soft, have natural movement, and act as if they have gravity or no gravity. Trees, plants, clothes, and cars are examples of objects that require an adjustment to their physical property.

Linking the prims together that make an object is necessary to keep objects together and enable them to move or be moved.

Scripts, short computer programs, can be added to prims and objects to animate them or enable them to have an action. For example scripts can be used to create an object that gives a notecard or object to an avatar, to give objects movement like rotating, or even have objects interact with avatars as in artificial intelligence.


Flex prims: Changing the properties of prims to make them more flexible, soft, respond to gravity, or have movement.

Link: Linking prims make them act as one object rather than individual prims. Linking prims is necessary to keep an objects together.

Scripts: Scripts are small computer scripts that add action to an object. Many scripts are open source and can be borrowed and edited without permission.

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