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Download Your Viewer

You will need to download a viewer. When you complete the avatar tutorial on Second Life they will instruct you to download their viewer. There are other options.

We recommend the Phoenix Firestorm viewer. This viewer is more reliable, creates less lag, and easy to use. Click here for an instructional video on the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.

If you prefer the Second Life viewer and missed the download, you can find on this webpage Scroll to the bottom of the page and download the viewer.

The difference between the viewers is that the Second Life viewer often has more advanced visual and audio features. The downside is that the Second Life viewer has many updates that are not always stable. Click here to download the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.

1. If you are using the SL viewer, change your viewer from Basic to Advanced. If you fail to do this you will not be able to do all the fun things. If you are on Advanced, you will see tabs on the left and extra features on the bottom tab of your viewer. See the image on the right.

2. Now logon to your viewer and put Betz Darwinian in the Search Box on the top right. Click on People and you will see the name. Click on Profile and make Betz Darwinian a friend. I will know you are on and be able to provide assistance. You only have to send me an IM.


Virtual Worlds are just like the Internet. As a representative of UTB you are to conduct yourself professionally at all times. Just like the Internet it is easy to put information up, but you can never take it down. Do not say or do anything that you would not want your Grandmother or a future employer to see.

Just like the Internet, do not make a friend of anyone you do not know. Before you accept a friendship, be sure that person is someone who is professional and has honest intentions. On all the browsers you can and should report avatars that do not have good motives.

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