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Taking Pictures on Second Life

Taking pictures is a skill you will need to complete your profile, document your work, and just for fun. There are many activities, like Photo Hunt, where avatars gather every week to compete In a photo contest. Avatars have 60 minutes to take pictures on a designated island, return to mount their entries and have a friendly vote.

The video will also teach you how to use your View to optimize how you see and hear. It will also help you with photography. View allows your avatar to stand in one place and scan the area. You can sit and listen to speakers as you scan and look around. Most importantly this feature allows you to look at yourself!


View: View is located on the bottom tool bar. It operates the point of view of the view camera. This tool is used to pan around an avatar or an object, zoom in and out and scan backwards, forwards, up and down leaning the avatar in place. The last function is useful for looking around the island in the event of lag or attending a function.

Photohunt: Is on of thousands of events held on Second Life in which avatars can actively participate. Beginners as well as seasoned photographers are welcome. Photohunt is sponsored by the group, Virtual Artist Alliance. It is held every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. SLT. Click here for the SLURL.

Virtual Artist Alliance: This group sponsors, promotes, and initiates many visual arts activities. To join the group, put in Virtual Artist Alliance in the Search. Click to see the profile and then click to join now.

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