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CPR to Keep You Alive When You Have Three Writing Assignments and Large Numbers of Students.

We really aren't going to resuscitate you, however we are going to give you the kiss of life to manage your time and increase the learning for your students.

Calibrated Peer Review is a free online software package that has students submit a written assignment and then peers review each others work. The students touch the topic 7 times and receive feedback from their peers. By reviewing peer papers, this increases their understanding of how to write an assignment.

The faculty member can use this software to easily assign writing assignments to large classes without a large amount of grading time. By the end of the two-part workshop, each faculty member will develop a complete assignment that will be ready to use.

CPR is not just for composition courses, it was designed at the University of California to increase the content knowledge and writing skills for chemistry students. It is now used by over 700 universities and colleges. Click here for an experimental design study about the use of CPR.

To learn more about CPR and how it works with students, comtact Elizabeth Heise, Mark Blakemore, or Betsy Price.

CPR is a Community of Learning workshop which means we will provide you with on-going assistance as you develop your assignments and present them to your class in the fall.

For faculty, adjuncts, dual faculty, graduate students, and post docs interested in completing a Teaching with Technology Certificate this will be one of your optional courses to earn your Certificate.

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