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joint admission medical program

Created by the Texas Legislature, the Joint Admission Medical Program assists economically disadvantaged students gain entrance to medical school. JAMP targets undergraduate sophomores who have completed one year of course work. JAMP students receive conditional acceptance to one of eight medical schools across Texas. Continued eligibility is contingent upon the successful completion of four years as an undergraduate student and graduation from UTB/TSC.

JAMP offers it students continuous proctoring and guidance in preparation for the rigors of medical school. Students accepted into JAMP receive undergraduate and medical school scholarships. JAMP students participate in summer internships where they take upper-level courses, prepare for the Medical College Admissions Test and complete clinical rotations.

The Office of Health Professions Careers offers enrichment courses and guidance in an effort to help students maintain eligibility and successfully complete medical school admissions criteria.

Applying for any early acceptance program will require dedication and commitment on the part of the student. Student's interested in applying for one of the early acceptance programs listed should contact us or stop by Life Health Science Building (LHSB) 2.822, Biology Wing, for an appointment or to register as a pre-early acceptance student and ensure all requirements are met on time.

See Premed Track on the Pre-health Advising page to ensure you are following the suggested course timeline and have completed the required courses to successfully score well on the MCAT.

Application Criteria

  • Complete freshman fall and spring semester (Only 3 dual or AP credits will be applied)
  • Texas Resident with U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Resident status
  • Eligible for a Pell Grant with an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of 8000 or less
  • Complete the SAT or ACT
  • Motivated to pursue a career as a physician
  • Evidence of community involvement
  • Meet with the JAMP faculty advisor

Want more information about the MCAT? Visit the AAMC website.

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