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To inspire future generations of underrepresented youth to further investigate how our universe and its life formed.


To share the story, the science, and the adventure of NASA’s scientific explorations of our home planet, the solar system, and the universe beyond, through stimulating and informative activities and experiences created by experts, and delivered effectively and efficiently to learners of many backgrounds via proven conduits, thus providing a return on the public’s investment in NASA’s scientific research.


  • Engage precollege students in Science Mission Directorate (SMD) content and attract them to STEM disciplines.
  • Expose precollege students to NASA SMD content in direct relation to SMD’s “Vision for Educational and Public Outreach.”
  • Provide leadership and mentoring opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in STEM, thus strengthening NASA’s and the nation’s future workforce.
  • Add to and compliment STEM-based education that students already receive at school.
  • Expand nationwide.
  • ExploreExplore new worlds
  • Learn
    1 to 1 interactions with NASA Scientists
  • Get experienceGet Experience!
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