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Graduate Mathematics Advisors

As stated in Graduate Mathematics Admission, under Advising Committee:

The departmental graduate committee will assign tentatively one of its members as advisor to each incoming graduate student. Within the first year, the student will have to propose an advising committee consisting of three departmental graduate faculty members. After consulting with the proposed advising committee, the departmental graduate committee will appoint the student's advising committee (which may differ from the student's proposal). One of the three members of the advising committee will chair that committee and be the student's advisor.

List of Graduate Advisors

Program Coordinator:

Jerzy K. Mogilski, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chair
Research interests: Topology, functional analysis/modern analysis


Ziad Adwan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Research interests: Microlocal analysis and several complex variables

Mikhail M. Bouniaev, Ph.D., Professor and Dean CSMT
Doctor of Science, MPSU, Russia, Highest Accreditation Commission of the USSR

John Garza, Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Mathematics, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008 
Research interest: Actuarial Science, Number Theory

Alexey Glazyrin, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Mathematics, Moscow State University, 2010
Research interest: Computational discrete geometry

Ranis Ibragimov, Associate Professor
Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada 
Specialization:  Applied Mathematics

Oleg Musin, Ph.D., Professor
Research interests: Discrete geometry, coding theory, geometry and topology, computational geometry, applied mathematics, algorithms, image processing, cartography and GIS

Vesselin Vatchev, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Research interests: Approximation theory, signal analysis, numerical analysis, harmonic analysis, wavelets, inverse problems

Taeil Yi, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Research interests: Complex dynamical systems, biomathematics, technology in mathematics

Paul-Hermann Zieschang, Habil, Ph.D., Professor
Research interests: Algebra


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