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Faculty Bio Photo

Associate Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources
Chemistry and Environmental Sciences Department


PhD, Rice University; Environmental Science and Engineering
MS, Rice University; Environmental Science and Engineering

Classes Taught:

Introduction to Environmental ScienceJude Benavides
Environmental Regulations
Hydrology and Water Resources
Geographic Information Systems

Research Interest:

Hydrological models
Border wall
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Bahia Grande/Laguna Atascosa Wetland Restoration
Border Wall Spatial and Demographic Analysis

Curriculum Vitae

Recent scholarly work and selected publications

Heise, Elizabeth A., Benavides, Jude A., Contreras, Mara, Cardenas, Andres and Lemen, Joseph, 2009, Hurricanes Dolly and Ike damaged the Town of South Padre Island from two different directions in 2008, Shore and Beach, vol 77, no 3 p. 30-36.

Fang, Zheng,, P. Bedient, J. Benavides, "Enhanced Radar-Based Flood Alert System and Floodplain Map Library" Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 13(10), 926-938, 2008.

Wilson, J. Gaines, J. Benavides, A. Reisinger, Z. Hurwitz, J. Spangler, and K. Engle. 2008. "An analysis of demographic disparities associated with the proposed U.S.-Mexico border fence in Cameron County, Texas." Briefing paper to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States. June.

Benavides, J.A. and Bedient, P.B., 2008 "Developing a Flood Damage Reduction Model for the Yuna River Basin in the Dominican Republic" Keynote address at FUNGLODE – Fundacion Global Democracia y Desarrollo in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Del Angel, Diana C. (student advisee); Clint D. Roberts, Anthony S. Reisinger, Nydia Guitierrez, Anna Hockaday, Jude A. Benavides, 2008 "Characterization of Riparian Wetlands in the Lower Rio Grande Valley" 111th Annual Meeting of the Texas Academy of Sciences, . Corpus Christi, Texas.

Lemen, Joseph (student advisee); Anthony S. Reisinger, Jude A. Benavides, 2008 "Possible Environmental Impacts from the Proposed Border Wall in South Texas – A GIS Analysis" Honorable Mention Student Award, 111th Annual Meeting of the Texas Academy of Sciences, . Corpus Christi, Texas.

Benavides, J.A., "Severe Storm Impacts and Flood Management" Chapter 13 (pp. TBD) of Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis, 4th, Ed. (P.B. Bedient, W.C. Huber, and B. Vieux). Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2007.

Report by the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership - Headed by Laura de la Garza (Watershed Coordinator) and Jude A. Benavides, Ph.D. (Steering Committee Chairperson), "A Watershed Protection Plan for the Arroyo Colorado - Phase I" , 2007.

Bedient, P.B., A. Holder, J.A. Benavides, B.E. Vieux, "Radar-Based Flood Warning System Applied to Tropical Storm Allison" Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 8(6), 308-318, 2003.

Benavides, J.A., "Floodplain Management Issues in Hydrology" Chapter 12 (pp. 682-713) of Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis, 3rd Ed. (P.B. Bedient and W.C. Huber). Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2001.

Benavides, J.A., 2007 "A Watershed Protection Plan for the Arroyo Colorado – Phase I Completion." NSF funded CREST-RESSACA Conference on Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development. South Padre Island, Texas.

Benavides, J.A., 2007 "Environmental Challenges Facing the Brownsville Area Community." Invited speaker at the Voices of Vision Symposium. The University of Texas at Brownsville, Brownsville, Texas.

Benavides, J.A. 2007 "Challenges and Opportunities Related to Large-Scale Flood Risk Mediation in South Texas." 2007 Severe Storm Prediction, Education, and Evacuation from Disasters, Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Reisinger, A. (student advisee) and Benavides, J.A. 2007 "Illustrating anthropogenic influences on the Bahia Grande and surrounding areas utilizing geographic information systems technology." 1st Place Student Oral Presentation in Physical Sciences at the 9th Annual UTB Research Symposium, Brownsville, Texas.

Heise, Elizabeth A., and Benavides, Jude A., 2006, Bahia Grande: A Community Driven Restoration Project, 3rd National Conference on Estuarine and Habitat Restoration, Restore Americas Estuaries, New Orleans.

Benavides, J. A. and L. Clapp, 2006. "Brackish Water Desalination Concentrate: Applications Toward the Restoration of the Bahia Grande Wetland Complex" 2006 Conference on Environmental Sustainability Focusing on U.S. – Mexico Issues, Monterrey, Mexico.

Benavides, J.A., 2006. "Utilizing Geographic Information Systems to Monitor Restoration Efforts in the Bahia Grande" 2006 Rio Grande Valley ArcGIS Users Group – 5th Annual Conference. South Texas College, McAllen, Texas.

Benavides, J.A., 2006. "Flood Risk Assessment and Hazard Mitigation Planning: A Brownsville, Texas Case Study for Hurricane Emily." 2006 Annual National Conference of the American Institute of Hydrology, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Benavides, J.A., 2005 "Beneficial Use of Concentrate from the Southmost Regional Water Authority Desalination Plant." CREST-RESSACA Conference on Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development. South Padre Island, Texas.

Benavides, J.A. and E. Heise, 2005. "A Baseline Data Assessment for the Bahia Grande Restoration Project." 2005 CREST-RESSACA Conference on Modeling and Decision Support for Environmental Systems, San Antonio, Texas.

Benavides, J.A., 2005. "Flood Hazard Mitigation and Damage Reduction." Keynote Address at the 2005 Congreso Nacional de Ingenieria Civil, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Benavides, J.A. and P.B. Bedient, 2004. "Combining Real-Time Hydrologic Models, Radar Rainfall, and Precipitation Forecasts for Enhanced Flood Warnings in Houston, Texas." 2004 Conference of Flood Warning Systems Technologies and Preparedness, Fish Camp, California.

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