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Field Experience Placement

Most of the education courses require field experience hours of observation that must be completed at an accredited school. Also, public or private schools require that all students have a valid Social Security number in order to be cleared for criminal record checks. For non-resident students, fingerprints will be required. Information packet can be picked up at Main 2.200C in the College of Education office of field experience and clinical practice.

It is important to process the required district paperwork for criminal record clearance for field experience courses in a timely manner so that you can meet your course requirements on time.  In order to complete your observation hours at a campus, the following are the school districts’ requirements:

o  BISD – students should submit via online the Student Teacher/Student Observer Application by accessing the following link:  or by visiting the district’s main office at Classified Personnel, located on 1900 E. Price Rd. Suite 105.  No TB test is required.

o  San Benito - students should contact Irma Corkill at 956-361-6151 and submit the TB test results with a DOCTOR’S SIGNATURE to the San Benito School District’s main office for field experience.

o  Harlingen – students should contact Nellie Cortez at 956-430-9706 to set up an appointment and submit current TB test results.

o  Los Fresnos – students should fill out an application with Connie Garcia located in the main office and submit current TB test results. Her number is 956-254-5000.

o  Port Isabel – students should fill out an application with Robin Ochoa located in the main office.  No TB test is required. Her number is 956-943-0005.

Students that wish to complete their observation hours at a district in the service area of UTB other than the ones listed, would need to contact that district directly for clearance procedures

Information for Students:

·         Your instructor will send you an email with the links for the Field Experiences Placement Information Form and to the BISD website where you will apply for clearance. It is very important that you fill out the form completely for every course that requires observation hours, whether you need help with placement or not.

·         As you complete the information in the form, a COE staff member will be able to see it and can add it to your instructor’s list to start the placement process, if applicable. If not, information is kept for our records.

·         COE staff member will email school contact. Once approval is received, instructor will be notified and he/she will inform you via email or during class.

·         You must present your clearance authorization from BISD at the campus or you will not be able to do observations.

·         If you need to do observations for more than one class, COE staff member will try to include the hours for the other classes at the same campus, unless you indicate otherwise.

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