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"The EDTC program trained me in a wide variety of thoughts and issues that directly applied to my current position. I produced projects that greatly enhanced my portfolio, as well as prepared me for work in the instructional technology field.

The asynchronous format allows for great flexibility for working students, and the concepts learned are essential for those who want to work in the educational technology field."

Matt Crosslin
Instructional Designer

"I design, develop, and teach music courses at Dubspot, a hybrid online/brick and mortal digital music production school based in New York City.

The EDTC program helped me to firm up my foundations in curriculum design and research. It helped me to learn the art of collaborating digitally and instilled in me a lot of good and necessary habits. As an e-learner for three years, I have an intimate understanding of what it's like to be on both sides, as a student and e-learning developer and teacher.

I would recommend the EDTC program to any educators looking to expand their skillsets and be more versatile and effective as technology and education converge.."

Martin Perna
Instructional Designer at Dubspot

"The EDTC program is a comprehensive program that provided me with extensive learning experiences that I have been able to apply successfully in teacher trainings and presentations. As a strategist, I was able to implement what I learned and help other educators integrate tools, new media, and emerging technologies into their instruction. In addition, the program provided me with the opportunity and convenience of taking online classes with my current inconsistent work schedule

I highly recommend this program to others. The program is comprehensive and well thought out. The faculty is supportive, and they provide exceptional feedback to help make my projects and research more clear."

Ruby Rodriguez
Testing Strategist


The EDTC program helped me achieve my professional goals through a foundation of knowledge upon which valuable skills were built. When I began the EDTC program I thought I would learn how to use the Internet to deliver content. By the time I had finished the program, I not only knew more about the power of the Internet, but more importantly, I learned the theories behind education and teaching, the methods behind sound instructional design, and how to use and leverage the most current technologies, tools, and software to bring education to life on the otherwise flat, inanimate computer screen. I am the last employee to have been hired into an instructional design position but I have been able to move forward and past many of my colleagues when designing new and innovative e-learning courses and programs.

I would absolutely recommend the EDTC program to others because it has single handedly secured me a place in corporate America’s training and education world. While I am a driven, competitive person, those traits alone would fall short of success without a solid, leading edge education to support it. I earned my M.Ed. in Educational Technology from UT Brownsville and the only other colleague with the same degree earned hers from George Washington University. In my opinion, we are far better prepared to design instruction, particularly web based instruction, over those with instructional design/systems degrees alone."

Dan Carlson
Instructional Designer


"With the rapid rate of growth technology is going through today, students need to experience immersion of it within all aspects of their included. The EDTC program helped me develop ways to better integrate meaningful technology into the structure of my classes.

I most definitely recommend this program. Being online not only helps those from different areas to participate, it allows the learners to actually use the very thing they are studying."

Melanie Elkins
High School English Teacher

"With over 25 years of experience in the design and development of e-learning corporate training I wondered how the EDTC program was going to help me become better at my job and more marketable in my field. The Educational Technology M.Ed. program exceeded my wildest expectations. It broadened my understanding of how people learn and helped me to internalize the value of constructivism and project-based learning. As a result of learning how to conduct and evaluate educational research, my thesis was published in a professional journal. I now have a very impressive resume, new skills, and confidence that I can continue to have meaningful employment in an uncertain economic environment.

I recommend the EDTC program to others for many reasons. The foremost reason is the quality of the content and the staff. If a student has the desire and determination to graduate from the program, the possibility of receiving an Educational Technology M.Ed. degree is very real. The teaching staff does everything possible to help the student realize that goal. I have had at least two incredibly intense emotional events in my life; one was stepping off the plane onto American soil after returning from a year in Vietnam, the other was walking across the stage in Brownsville to receive my diploma. If there were no other benefits (and there are many) that alone would make the destination worth the journey."

Denny McElroy
Training Manager and Instructional Designer specializing in e-Learning Development

The EDTC program taught me how to objectively look at educational needs and analyze them in a professional manner. The processes that were taught in this program will be invaluable to me in the future as I design solutions to meet instructional needs.

I would highly recommend this program. Though the program is demanding it is a very rewarding experience. I believe that anyone in the educational field in any setting would benefit from this program. Those who create curriculum and are tasked with finding instructional solutions will find this course of study a life changing experience."

Michael Brown
Web Designer/Consultant


"I completed my M.Ed. in Educational Technology from UT Brownsville in May 2002. Shorty afterward, I began my career in education serving as a systems analyst/programmer in the data processing center at Kilgore College, located in Northeast Texas. In 1999, I was appointed the first Director of eLearning.

The material covered in the M.Ed. in Educational Technology was essential to my success in building the eLearning program at Kilgore College. I have applied what I learned almost daily in managing faculty and staff, leading the technical professional development efforts at our institution, performing grant-related activities, and planning for the future.

Working full-time and with four children at home, I would not have been able to complete my education had it not been for this online program. The online M.Ed. in Educational Technology from UT Brownsville was a lifesaver."

Charlene Worsham
Director of eLearning, Kilgore College

"The experience I recieved through the UTB program using the UTTC system not only provided a master's degree but enabled me, my district and teachers around the community to experience virtual learning, video conferencing and innovative strategies.

After earning my degree I was able to secure a grant and partner with UTB to provide master's level credit to certified teachers in an active lab environment."

Karon Tarver
Executive Director of Educational Technology, Fort Worth ISD


"Attaining a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology has enabled me to realize the importance of incorporating different technologies into today’s classrooms. The EdTech Program at UTB/TSC has effectively prepared me for the technological challenges that we are currently facing and will be facing in the years to come.

There are two reasons of why I would highly recommend the Ed Tech program from UTB/TSC to others. The first reason is that the entire program (classes) is 100% online. You can attend classes from the comforts of home without having to “fight” for parking. Everything that you do in a conventional classroom, you can also do in an online setting.

The second reason is the instructors. Dr. Michael Sullivan, Dr. Sam Pan, Dr. Janice Butler, and Dr. Rene Corbeil, are compassionate, accessible, and extremely knowledgeable in the latest educational technologies. All of the aforementioned professors are an email/phone call away when you require additional assistance and they are always eager to help. These professors made my journey in attaining my Master’s Degree an extremely joyous and positive experience."

Marco A. Gonzalez
Secondary Math Instructor, Simon Rivera High School

"UTB's Educational Technology program provided me with a thorough understanding of major issues and topics in educational technology and instructional design, as well as a foundation in education research that inspired me to pursue a Ph.D.

I would recommend the Educational Technology program to any prospective graduate student interested in research and practice at the intersection of learning, teaching, and information technology. Other programs merely introduce students to these domains but the Educational Technology program allows students to develop real expertise as educational technologists.”

Manuel Gerardo Saldivar
Visiting Scientist, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO

Gail Weatherly

"Earning the Master of Education in Educational Technology through UTB has allowed me to better serve higher education. In addition to providing me the theoretical basis for sound practice in online learning, the master's degree served as a trajectory to the Ph.D. at Texas A&M. I graduated with the Ph.D. in December 2007 and earned the 2008 Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award from the College of Education and Human Development."

Gail Weatherly, Ph.D.
Distance Education Coordinator, Stephen F. Austin State University

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