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Certification office

The College of Education offers teacher education programs required for certification at the elementary (EC-6 ESL Generalist/EC-6 Bilingual Generalist/EC-6 Generalist/All Level Special Education (PK-12), Middle School Grades 4-8 (Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts/Reading), Secondary Grades 8-12 (English Language Arts/Reading, History, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science), and All Level Grades EC-12 (Art, Music, Kinesiology, Special Education, and Spanish).

The Office of Teacher Certification is responsible for verifying candidates eligibility for all initial or master's level certifications. Certification plans are also prepared for students with baccalaureate or master's degrees desiring to complete a teacher education program leading to teacher certification. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Dr. G.L. Brogdon, Associate Dean/Certification Officer, at or by calling (956) 882 –5706.

UT Brownsville Undergraduate Teacher Education Programs

The Standard Teacher Certification program within a baccalaureate degree program includes the following three areas:

  1. General Education Curriculum (i.e., General Requirements or University College)

  2. Teaching Specialty Curriculum (i.e., Secondary Academic Specialization or Elementary Interdisciplinary Studies) designed for Texas public school.

  3. Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility Sequence designed for specific roles in public school teaching (i.e., elementary generalist EC-6/ Special Education (Pk-12), EC-6 ESL Generalist and EC-6 Bilingual Generalist, middle school (grades 4-8), secondary(8-12), and all-level(Pk-12) including field base experiences and a full semester of student teaching.

Applying for a Standard Certificate (Initial: Undergraduate)

  • completion of degree and teacher education program or required coursework.
  • pass all required teacher certification examinations (TExES/ExCET)
  • complete online application and pay required fee.

Students interested in pursuing teacher certification programs in the following areas should contact the College of Education at (956) 882-7466 to set up an appointment with an advisor:

Certification Area
Contact Person

EC-6 ESL/ EC-6 Bilingual

Dr. Sandra Mercuri

EC-6 Generalist/ Special Education

Dr. Reynaldo Ramirez
Dr. Steve Chamberlain

English Language Arts/
Reading (4-8, 8-12)

Dr. Eduardo del Rio

History/Social Studies (8-12)

Dr. Thomas Britten

Spanish (EC-12)

Dr. Dania Lopez-Garcia

Science (4-8, 8-12)

Dr. David Hicks (Biology)
Dr. Gene Paull (Chemistry)
Dr. Soma Mukherjee(Physics)

Math ( 4-8, 8-12)

Dr. Jerzy Mogilski

Music, Art (EC-12)

Dr. Thomas Nevill

Kinesiology (EC-12)

Dr. Zelma Mata

Certified Teachers Seeking additional certifications.

Teachers holding a teaching certificate and a bachelor's degree may complete certification in other fields based on credit by examination. For more information visit the State Board for Educator Certification web site. See additional Certification Based on Examination.

Other Resources

  • Out of State Certified Teachers click here or contact TEA (1-800-205-2626)
  • Students interested in the Post Baccalaurette Program, click here.
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