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Faculty Publications


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College of Education Faculty Publications for the Academic Year 2009-2010


Freeman, D., & Freeman, Y. (2011). Between Worlds: Access to Second Language,
Acquisition (3rd edition ed.). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Book Chapters

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Bilinguals In R. Meyer & K. Whitmore (Eds.), Reclaiming Reading: Teachers, Students and
Researchers Regaining Spaces for Thinking and Action
. New York: Taylor and Francis/ Routledge.

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Méndez Domínguez (Eds.), Interculturalidad: Educación, sujetos y saberes
(pp.119-123). Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, México: Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas.

Refereed Journals

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relevance to educator preparation. Contemporary Issues in Education Research
Journal, 2 (2), 51-57.

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“exemplary” school. Journal of Latinos and Education, 8, 38-54.

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Esperanza. Education Research and Perspectives, 36 (2), 81-109.

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Are they teaching enough about athletes with disability. Athletic Therapy Today, 15 (5), 34-36.

Conatser, P., Naugle, K., Tillman, M., & Stopka, C. (2009). Athletic trainers attitude
toward working with special olympic athlete. Journal of Athletic Training, 44 (3), 279-285.

Conatser, P. & Ledingham, C. (2010, February). Helpful tips for disease prevention in
physical activity. PELINKS4U Promoting Active & Healthy Lifestyles, section: Adapted Physical Education 11 (2).

Conatser, P. & James, E. (2009, November). Utilizing 'differential learning' &
"dynamical systems" in physical education. PELINKS4U Promoting Active &
Healthy Lifestyles, section: Adapted Physical Education 11 (9).

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PELINKS4U Promoting Active & Healthy Lifestyles, section: Adapted Physical Education 11 (2).

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There's an app for that. Issues in Information Systems, XI (2), 22-29.

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Actas de Investigación y Creación Intelectual, Universidad Metropolitana, 1-10

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Bussert-Webb, K. (2009, October). University of Texas-Brownsville/Texas Southmost
College celebrates Constitution Day. For the Record, a Publication of the
Cameron County Bar Association
, 6.

Freeman, Y., & Freeman, D. (2011). Using Culturally Relevant Spanish/English Bilingual
Books with Emergent Bilinguals. NABE News.

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