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master of arts in Spanish

The Master of Arts Degree in Spanish is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and gives students the option of a thesis or non-thesis program. The educational objectives of the program are to refine writing skills, develop research and bibliographic skills, study the nature and uses of language, study selected Spanish literature in depth and examine literary periods, styles, or movements in detail.

M.A. in Spanish Requirements
The Master of Arts degree with thesis option consists of 30 hours of coursework, all with a SPAN prefix or its equivalent, with six additional hours awarded for the thesis for a total of 36 semester hours. The Master of Arts degree in Spanish without a thesis option consists of 36 hours of coursework and may include a minor of 6 hours in a related field. At least 24 hours must be in courses with a SPAN prefix or its equivalent. The courses in both plans must satisfy the following distribution requirements:

Three courses in Spanish Literature: SPAN 6370, 6371, 6341
Three courses in Latin American Literature, including two of the following: SPAN 6373, 6374, 6375.
One course in Spanish language or linguistics: either SPAN 6313 or 6380 (with a linguistics topic).
Spanish 6300: Theory of Literary Analysis, Bibliographic Search Techniques, and Literary Writing Methods. (Must be completed during the first year of graduate studies.)

Comprehensive Written Examination (non-thesis option)
Each candidate for the Master of Arts degree is required to pass a comprehensive written examination at the end of their course work that is prepared by the Spanish graduate faculty and administered by the Graduate Office. A reading list is available in the Department of Modern Languages office.

A student who chooses the thesis option will write a thesis for six hours of graduate credit. He/She will choose a thesis committee composed of a committee chairperson and two other members of the Spanish graduate faculty, who will approve the thesis topic and assist in preparing the thesis. A written thesis prospectus must be formally approved by the thesis committee before the writing of the thesis begins. Thesis track students must pass a separate oral defense of the completed thesis.

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