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CCE Advisory Board


To create an "engaged campus" that connects faculty, staff, students, and external partners in ways that help revitalize our community.


The Center will accomplish its mission by: Engaging the University of Texas (UTB) campus through service learning, volunteering, and community based scholarship in teaching and research which adds new knowledge to our community. Engaging the community at-large in collaborative initiatives that build social capital and encourage civic participation.


Social Entrepreneurship. We believe our outreach should add sustainable value, and we seek equitable solutions to community problems by exploring and developing opportunities for personal, intellectual, and professional growth. Social Justice. We believe in the dignity and worth of each person, in creating sustained change that leads to a more just and peaceful society based on mutual respect, hope, honesty, trust and fairness, and in directing our efforts toward addressing the root causes of social inequity.


The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) Advisory Board at UTB is an external board created to enhance the relationship between UTB and non-profit and civic leaders of Brownsville. These professionals will advise the CCE as we create and expand opportunities to engage UTB students, faculty, and staff in volunteerism and community outreach. It is an advisory board, not an operational board.


Board members will:

• Participate in at least one CCE sponsored service event per semester.
• Review the CCE Unit Assessment Plan and make suggestions on how to improve or accomplish the goals.
• Attend one meeting each semester.

Board of Directors

The Board will consist of the following:

1. UTB faculty
2. UTB administrator
3. UTB Staff Senate member
4. UTB student
5. A high school junior or senior from a public or private educational institution (based on grades, conduct, attendance, demonstrated civic commitment, responsibility, initiative, and high school teacher/administrator recommendations)
6. BISD teacher or administrator
7. Outside media
8. At-large seat
9. At-large seat
10. At-large seat
11. At-large seat
12. At-large seat
13. At-large seat

Any board member may renew their membership every two years and can serve for multiple years at the pleasure of the CCE Director. Boards of Directors seat elections are to be conducted yearly, however.

Board Members can be removed at the discretion of the CCE Director and President for non-attendance, non-participation, or behavior that is inconsistent with the mission of the CCE.

Board of Directors

The four officers will be elected annually by the board members during the first meeting of the year.


The president will serve as a liaison between board members and the CCE Director, preside over all meetings, and conduct board business.

Vice President

The vice-president will assist the president as liaison between board members and CCE Director. S/he will preside over meetings and will conduct board business in the absence of the president.


The secretary will take minutes and distribute them via e-mail no more than one week after each semester meeting.


The treasurer will assist with fundraising and will keep track of the monies received. S/he will assist in writing tax deduction letters to contributors.

CCE Advisory Board Member Information Form

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