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If necessary, how do you withdraw from a course?
From the University?

According to the University catalog, you may withdraw from a course only during the official add and drop period as indicated on the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawing from all classes...

Prior to the official record date, students may completely withdraw from all classes without a recorded grade. After the official date, students may withdraw from all classes and receive a “W” on their permanent records. The deadline to withdraw with a grade of a “W” is specified in the Academic Calendar for each semester/term. Students who do not withdraw before the deadline may not be assigned a grade of “W”. At the instructor’s discretion and consistent with the policy stated on the course syllabus, an instructor may drop a student from class for non-attendance. An instructor-initiated drop will result in a “W” or an “F” on the student’s permanent record.

Withdrawing from one class...

If a class is dropped prior to the official record date yet still enrolled in at least 1 credit hour then no grade is assigned.

If a class is dropped after official record date but prior to the deadline to withdraw yet still enrolled in at least 1 credit hour then a grade W is assigned.

six course withdrawal limit...

Beginning with the Fall semester 2007, a new policy on dropping courses went into effect. This policy establishes a Six-'W' grades limit for all undergraduate incoming freshmen students. The Six-'W' grades may be used at any time during a student's undergraduate career at UTB. Students can withdraw from one course or do a complete withdrawal of all courses at any time before the deadline. This deadline falls approximately four weeks before the last class day of the fall and spring semesters. The 'W' may be granted upon the student's request by the deadline, regardless of whether or not the student is passing the course. Once the Six-'W's have been used however, the student must complete all courses he or she is enrolled in regardless of academic performance.

 Effective Fall 2007 the Texas Senate Bill 1231 provides that, except for several specific instances of good cause, undergraduate students enrolling as first-time freshmen at a public institution of higher education in Fall 2007 or later will be limited to a total of six dropped courses during their entire undergraduate careers. For these students courses dropped at other Texas public institutions will count towards the Six-drop limit.

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