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How can you help your student be successful?

First and foremost, you can encourage your student to make contact with his/her academic advisor periodically during the semester, not only when he/she has a problem. You may also encourage your student to make educational goals and support him/her in the decision-making process that comes along with reaching those goals.

Every institution of higher education has a set of rules and standards by which administrators, faculty, staff, and students must abide and UTB is no different. As a parent or family member, encourage your student to be aware and knowledgeable about these standards which are clearly stated in the college catalog and student handbook. The college website can also be a great tool not only for students but for parents and families as well. The webpage contains important information such as the academic calendar which is an essential part of a student’s life as it notes important deadlines for procedures such as registering for courses, adding or dropping courses, withdrawing, and paying tuition. Additionally, students should be encouraged to pay close attention to their class syllabi. At UTB, these are posted online via Blackboard before the start of every semester and detail important information stating all expectations for that course, when assignments are due, what topics will be covered, when tests will be given, grading standards, office hours and instructor contact information.

Lastly and perhaps most important, encourage your student to ask for help when needed. Faculty, staff, and academic advisors are here to help students succeed. In addition to the teaching that takes place in the classroom, faculty members are available to meet with students during their office hours and to provide extra guidance as needed. There are also a number of campus resources available to students who need additional tutoring or assistance throughout their college career.



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