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International Students

Academic advising specialists provide international students with important guidance concerning programs of study, course planning  and other campus resources.

Degree Plan Selection

The choice of a program of study is an important decision for any student. However, choosing a program of study is even more significant for international students. This decision greatly affects those who plan on staying to work after graduation as immigration laws demand that a college graduate work in the field stated on their immigration papers. Students may work with a career counselor before making such a decision.

Changing Degree Plans

Academic advising specialists can assist international students in changing degree plans, but students with a visa must understand the serious implications of such a change. The implications are greater for those who are not from Mexico.

Course Planning

Since international students have specific requirements concerning semester course loads, it is important to carefully plan out future semesters with your academic advising specialist or international student advisor.

For more information, contact Global Engagement.

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