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National Suicide Prevention Line

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On August 2011 we received funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to establish a Campus Suicide Prevention Program (CSPP) here at UTB. The project seeks to raise awareness of suicide as a critical but preventable issue while offering compassion and support to affected individuals. Through innovative training of gatekeeper instructors and collaborative partnerships within our campus and relevant community agencies, the CSPP will educate students, staff and faculty members on suicide indicators, prevention strategies, and intervention measures, ensuring that at-risk students are connected with appropriate resources and treatment. The legislation for this funding was generated by the fact that a son of a legislator, Garret Lee Smith, committed suicide while in college; and, there has been a sort of an epidemic of suicide among college students as well as tragic situations, involving students and faculty.

Student Health Services

(956) 882-3896 or (956) 882-7643

Campus Suicide Prevention Program

(956) 882-7561

Campus Police

(956) 882-2222

Dean of Students

(956) 882-5140

Residential Life:

(956) 882-7191 (office)
(956) 551-3859 (after hours)

Tropical Texas Crisis Mobile Unit:


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