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The Student Senate is a representative legislature of the Student Body. The Senate sets and reviews policy for the Student Government Association, controls appropriations, and strives to express the student voice.
2014-2015 Student Government Association Senators


President of the Senate
Shangir Siddique

2014-2015 Student Government Association

Senator At-Large

Christian Miranda​​​
Leticia Orozco​​
Marie Romano​​
Luis Rodriguez​​
Samantha Gomez​ ​
Elizabeth Rivera​​

DSC_0080.jpgnophoto.jpg nophoto.jpg
                Christian Miranda                     Leticia Orozco                    Marie Romano
                    Luis Rodriguez                   Samantha Gomez                 Elizabeth Rivera

Senator for the School of Business

Sarah Galvan​​ ​
Vacant Interested- Apply Today​
Vacant​ Interested- Apply Today​

                     ​Sarah Galvan                         Abner Cabello
Senator for the College of Science, Mathematics & Technology

Mariela Saldivar​ ​
​Jennifer Frausto  ​
​Vacant Interested- Apply Today​

                   Mariela Saldivar                 Jennifer Frausto

Senator for the College of Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions

Florentino Saenz  ​​​
​Vacant Interested- Apply Toda​y
​Vacant ​Interested- Apply Today

                   Florentino Saenz  

Senator for the College of Education

Alexandra Zamora​ ​
​Vacant Interested- Apply Today​
​Vacant Interested- Apply Today​

                  Alexandra Zamora

Senator for the College of Liberal Arts

Miguel Gaytan ​ ​​
​Vacant Interested- Apply Today​
Vacant​ ​Interested- Apply Today

                    Miguel Gaytan

Senator for the College of Nursing

Maria Sandra Sabas​​​
Vacant​ Interested- Apply Today​​
Vacant​ Interested- Apply Today​​​

​                  Maria Sandra Sabas 

Graduate Senator

​​William Yun​ ​
Carlos Gutierrez​​

                                             William Yun                      Carlos Gutierrez

Freshmen Senator

Alondra Galvan​ ​
Abraham Tello​ ​
​Vacant Interested- Apply Today​
Vacant​ ​Interested- Apply Today​
Vacant​ ​Interested- Apply Today​
​                                            Alondra Galvan                 Abraham Tello 

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