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PIZZA With the Presidents 2015


SGA Training 2014


Freshman Initiation 2010

SGA Members set up Freshman Survival Packets. Freshman Survival Packets served as an introductory gift from SGA to the upcoming 2011 class.

Student Government Association Retreat

Dr. Eugenia Curet, on Student Health Services upcoming programs. Dr. Mari Fuentes-Martin presenting on the Characteristics of a Leader. Vice-President of Policy and Procedure teached SGA Robert's Rules of Order.

Athletic Pep Rally - Volleyball team

SGA members get ready to host the Volleyball Pep Rally  Special guest, Dr. Juliet V. Garcia, addresses the student body.  Students sign in for free scantrons and SGA Brochures.

Homecoming Week 2010

Senator Uvalles, Reyna, Vice-President Rangel, President Muñoz, and Senator Teran preprare for the Golf Cart Parade. SGA President Muñoz, UTB President Garcia, and Vice-President Rangel celebrate at the Homecoming Cookout. Senator Reyna practices Scorpion Chants before the parade.

Open Forum UTB Partnership Agreement Discussion with Dr. Juliet V. Garcia

Dr. Juliet V. Garcia, President of UTB, addresses the students regarding the dissolution of the UTB and TSC Partnership Agreement.

Early Voting 2010

Senator Uvalles and SGA President Muñoz remind Dr. Alan Artibise, Provost of UTB, to make his vote count. SGA President Muñoz and Vice-President Rangel, donned sandwich boards during Early Voting week as a means to increase student participation.

Constitution Day 2010

Student Government Association members participate at the informational tables during Consitution Day, September 17 2010. Vice-President Paiman recited the Preamble.

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