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​​Hiring Steps

Hiring Steps: 

1. Employer posts each position on UTB Career Connection, following the recommended salaries as per the UTB Student Works pay and classification plan.

2. Student completes profile on UTB Career Connection, with all necessary documents, and applies for potential employment opportunities following the employer instructions.

3. Employer contacts student applicants and schedules interviews.

4. Job interviews are conducted and selection is made based on those qualifications presented by candidates in the interviews.

5. If the position is classified as Work Study, then proceed with the hiring process outlined by the Work Study Program and update the Job Posting status to “Inactive”. For all other student employment positions, proceed to the next step.

6. Departments are required to submit a “Criminal Background Check form to Human Resources as soon as an offer of employment is extended and accepted by the student. The hiring department is responsible for covering the cost of the criminal background check (CBC).

7. A Recommendation for Hire Form (RHF) is required for each hired SEI intern. This RHF form has to be approved by account managers and/or department chairs, Budget Office and Human Resources. For international students, an approval from Global Engagement is also required. Students cannot begin employment until RHF and documentation are completely clear by Human Resources.

8. Employer must update the job posting status to inactive.

9. Once student has been authorized by HR, he/she needs to complete the new hire packet which can be found here.

10. Students will follow UTB payroll procedures: The timecard for fiscal year is available online. Please use this link to access the timecard and follow online instructions. Timecards can now be printed “Portrait Style” on regular copy paper.

11. All interns are encouraged to use direct deposit. Forms are available at Human Resources.

For questions related to the application process contact:

Career Services Office
(956) 882-5627

Human Resources
(956) 882-6582​

Payroll Office
(956) 882-3820 ​

Office of Global Engagement
(956) 882-7983  

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