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Time & Effort

Welcome to the UTB Time & Effort Web site.

Effort reporting is a process mandated by the federal government to verify that direct labor charges to, or cost shared on, sponsored projects are accurate, timely, and reflect the actual level of work performed.

This site provides both general information on effort concepts as well as specific information on effort reporting and certification procedures. Please use the sidebar on the left-hand side to navigate the different sections of this website.

In addition to the reference guides, FAQs, and additional resources located within this website, if you have questions about the effort certification process, or about effort commitments on sponsored projects, or suggestions for additional information you would like to see on this website, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at (956) 882-7849 or via e-mail at

Time and effort certification Period

Time & Effort Certification will open on March 23, 2015 and close April 6, 2015 for both the Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 semesters. Certifications for the Summer 2014 & Fall 2014 periods were delayed due to the upgrade implementation of the Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT) system. Certification will be open at the same time for both performance periods, therefore, in some instances, two effort statements may have to be ceritifed. Check your e-mails or our Sponsored Programs website for updates as to when the certification period will open.

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