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Summer programs are those sponsored by a UTB department and led by a UTB faculty member. Typically, the courses offered are designed by faculty and taken with fellow UTB students.

The type of credit earned may vary depending on the specific structure of the program selected. In general, however, students participating in summer programs earn UTB credit, just as if they were taking courses on campus. Grades earned are computed into the official GPA, just as they would be for grades earned in courses taken on campus.

Students pay regular UTB tuition and fees for the course(s) for which they have registered. In addition to regular tuition and fees, students pay a comprehensive program fee prior to departure. Students should consult the Study Abroad Coordinator for current program costs. 

Please visit the different programs available for you:

Coral Reef Ecology in Belize
Education in Chile 
Digital Photojournalism in China
Living, Reading, Writing Nature in Costa Rica
Exploring Paris and Discovering the Humanities  

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