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utb/tsc Historical Data


Fall 1992-SSII 1995


Fall 1995-SSII 1998


Fall 1998-SSII 2001
  Section I - Introduction
     History and Operation of the UTB Partnership
     UTB Profile and Highlights
  Section II - Student Characteristics
     Headcount, Semester Credit Hours, and Student FTE
     UTB Semester Credit Hours
     TSC Semester Credit Hours
     UTB Semester Credit Hours
     UTB Declared Majors and Top 5 Majors
     UTB Semester Credit Students Enrollment Status
     UTB Semester Credit Students Day & Night Enrollment
     UTB Semester Credit Students Financial Aid Recipients
  Section III - School/Department Enrollment
     Fall 92,93,94    Spring 93,94,95    SSI 93,94,95    SSII 93,94,95
  Section IV - Certificates and Degrees
     UTB Certificates and Degrees Awarded
     UTB Certificates and Degrees by Program
     UTB Certificates and Degrees by Ethnicity and Gender
  Section V - Personnel and Financial Data
     Full-Time Employees by Job Category, Gender, Ethnicity
     Revenues, Expenditures, Budget

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