utb.edu/president May 2013  |  Issue No. 4
UT Brownsville Transition Focus

Faculty Office Relocation
The time has come to begin to create a new footprint for UT Brownsville and to release much needed space for Texas Southmost College. Even though we’ll be moving just across campus this summer, it still presents a great many challenges. The Deans of each college have the lists of the faculty that will be moving. Essentially every faculty office in MRC North and South needs to be packed up and readied for moving. Then each office in MRC needs to be prepared for its new occupants.

Concurrently, many faculty in EDBC and LHS will be moving. As they free up space, the offices must also be readied for new occupants. Faculty in the REK Center must also be moved. Faculty currently located in Eidman and in the Arts Center will remain in place. Announcements about faculty in SETB and in Cavalry will be forthcoming.

We ask for your patience and assistance in this considerable effort. Specifically, it means relocating more than 230 faculty, support staff and administrators into new offices this summer, with another 330 university staff to be moved shortly afterwards.

The goal is to relocate faculty offices during the summer months in time for the fall semester, making this summer like no other we’ve experienced. You will be asked to pack up your office and generally work from home. You will also be asked to continue to meet the needs of our students by meeting with them outside of class in the library, classrooms or study and conference rooms throughout campus. Remember, students are central to all that we do. We must be creative in finding ways to make it through this summer maintaining close relationships with our students and with each other. I hear departments are beginning to think very creatively about meeting in outdoor (shaded) spaces.

Detailed instructions for preparing to move are listed below. If you have any questions that are not addressed in these instructions, please email Angela McCauley in my office. She’ll get you an answer as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please accept my most sincere thanks for your understanding as this new day dawns.

Juliet V. García


Faculty Office Relocation Instructions
UTB will begin the process of relocating on Monday, May 6. As of June 1, all faculty offices will be off-line during the Summer I and II Sessions.

Important Dates:

May 26: Boxes available for distribution through the department Chairs.
May 6-31: Faculty and staff are responsible for packing their belongings by May 31. Boxes will remain in the office. Faculty must turn in their office keys to their Chair by May 31, and so will not have access to stored materials until they move into their new offices.
June 1-
August 11:
New offices readied.
August 12: Offices available for move in. Office assignments and keys will be available in the Deans’ offices.

Faculty Teaching Summer I and/or Summer II
Since faculty teaching during the summer will not have access to an office, we encourage you to meet with students in available classrooms, seminar and conference rooms as well as study areas. Deans and Chairs are available to work with faculty to determine available spaces.


FAQ - Faculty Move

Where do I get boxes, tape and trash bags?
These items will be distributed by department Chairs beginning on May 6.

What do I pack?
Pack books, files and office supplies. Each box must be closed to protect the items. Faculty teaching during the summer should keep materials needed for teaching the summer session separate from the items that will remain locked in the office until relocated. Movers will move boxes and computer equipment only. Personal items—like furniture, refrigerators and lamps—must be removed by faculty by May 31. You should pack and personally relocate any items that are valuable and/or that you are afraid will be lost or broken. Unfortunately, space is not available on campus to store personal items.

How do I label the boxes?
For your convenience, a form is attached to these instructions so you may print out multiple copies. Please include your full name and full department name on the form. Tape a form securely to each box, and include one inside in case the outer form is lost.

Will UTB move the phone, computer, printer and monitor that are in my old office?
Yes. Please label each item with your name then disconnect the phone and computer and leave all cables and equipment on the office desk.

What do I do with trash?
Place anything you wish to throw away outside your office in a trash bag(s) and label it as trash. Please note recyclables.

When will UTB actually move the boxes?
The date and time of relocation of boxes has not been determined but could be as early as June 1 or as late as August 11. Your Dean will notify you when your new office is ready for occupancy.

Will my boxes be unpacked?
No. UTB will place furniture and equipment in the new office but will not unpack boxes.

Will UTB move file cabinets with contents?
For the safety of your files as well as our movers, please pack the contents of your filing cabinets in boxes.

What if the materials stored in my office are damaged or lost?
Report any damaged or lost materials to your Department Chair.

Where is my new office?
As soon as plans are finalized, information regarding your office location will be available from the Dean of your college and will be made available on-line. Keys to your new office will be issued by your Dean on August 12.

What is in the new office?
Each office will have a desk, a task chair, a visitor chair, trash basket, one filing cabinet and one bookcase.

Will UTB set up and connect my computer, printer and phone in my new office?
UTB will reconnect equipment in all offices, including your computer, printer and phone.

What if I need more bookcases (or other furniture) than are in the new office?
Please follow routine request procedures in the fall through your Department Chair. Additional furniture requests will be accepted as soon as all offices have been furnished.

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