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Passage of Senate Bill 24

Governor Signs Merger Legislation


There are primarily two lessons to be learned from the successful signing of Senate Bill 24 by the Governor.

The first has to do with the power of working together as a region. It is not by chance that we should arrive at this moment. It occurred because people recognized the collective power of the Rio Grande Valley working together in unison toward an important and mutually beneficial goal. It should become the template for future innovative regional planning and advocacy.

The second lesson is about the importance of authentic leadership. In this case, leadership came from as far away as the Governor's Office, the UT Regents, the UT Chancellor and the state's legislature. All should celebrate their pivotal role in making this new university a reality. But leadership also came locally from the Valley delegation, faculty, staff, students, community, and campus leaders. It proved that, collectively, we have a strong voice that when raised as one will be heard and can have great impact.

President Juliet V. García

Perry Makes Merger Official - The Brownsville Herald

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