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FEBRUARY 12, 2014 SPRING 2014, No. 2 

Pretoria reception in South Africa Dr. Juliet V. García has been a member of the Ford Foundation Board of Trustees for more than a decade. This month, the Trustees travel to South Africa as part of their work, and Dr. García will be blogging the experience to share with friends and colleagues at home.

February 9, 2014

On Sunday we attended an evening reception celebrating 20 years of democracy in South Africa with the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, Patrick Gaspard, at the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria.

February 10, 2014

We spent most of the day at the Ford Foundation offices in Johannesburg meeting the staff and learning about the important work that Ford has supported over the last 60 years.

Ford has invested over $400 million in Southern Africa since 1953.

  • 1950s/60s: Supported rigorous research to build knowledge and document the impact of apartheid; provided fellowships for scholars to foster leadership
  • 1970s/80s: Helped establish the first public interest law centers in the region; expanded access to education; supported advances in agriculture
  • 1990s: Supported transitional justice and democracy building; advanced microenterprise and small business development; strengthened cultural institutions
  • 2000s: Helped build a movement to improve the response to HIV/AIDS; strengthened regional and indigenous philanthropy
Ford Foundation Trustee N.R. Narayana Murthy, civil rights activist Albie Sachs, and Dr. Juliet V. GarcíaFord Foundation Trustee N.R. Narayana Murthy, civil rights activist Albie Sachs, and Dr. Juliet V. García
In the evening, we attended the debut of a powerful film on the life and work of Albie Sachs called "Soft Vengeance: Albie Sachs and the New South Africa." Mr. Sachs spent his entire life as a white man in South Africa working with the African National Congress, Nelson Mandela and many, many other courageous people fighting apartheid while suffering severe personal injury. Mr. Sachs attended the debut of the film and was interviewed by Darren Walker, Ford Foundation President, after the film.

Witnessing that moment and learning of the intense struggle serves to transform all who listen and learn from inspired leadership.

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