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Dr. García is currently working most actively with the following:

The Public Welfare Foundation, Washington D.C.
The Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to ensure fundamental rights and opportunities for people in need. They look for carefully defined points where their funds can bring about systemic changes that can improve the lives of countless people. In its 60 year history, the foundation has distributed more than $400 million in grants to more than 4,200 organizations.

The Ford Foundation, New York
The Ford Foundation supports visionary leaders and organizations on the frontlines of social change worldwide with focuses to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation and advance human achievement.


Raise Your Hand – Texas, Bipartisan Public School Advocacy Group, Austin, Texas
Raise Your Hand Texas is a nonprofit, bipartisan advocacy organization made up of business and community leaders, parents, taxpayers and concerned citizens, all with a single focus: supporting the more than 4.5 million students in Texas’ public education system.

The Notre Dame Task Force: On the Participation of Latino Children and Families in Catholic Schools, Notre Dame, Indiana
The goal of this Task Force, which reflects complementary desires to close the Latino achievement gap and to revitalize American Catholic schools, is to double the percentage of Latinos attending Catholic schools, from 3 percent to 6 percent, by 2020. Given population growth estimates, this goal means increasing the national enrollment of Latino children in Catholic schools from 290,000 to more than 1 million students, thus greatly enhancing the quality of the life for thousands – indeed, millions – of Latino families over the coming decades.

The National Academies Committee on National Statistics: Measuring Higher Education Productivity: Conceptual Framework and Data Needs, Washington, D.C.
The panel is charged with developing a conceptual framework for measuring higher education productivity and describe the data needs for that framework.  The framework will address productivity at different levels of aggregation, including the institution, system, and sector levels. 

Complete College America, Washington, D.C.
Complete College America is a national nonprofit working to significantly increase the number of Americans with a college degree or credential of value and to close attainment gaps for traditionally underrepresented populations. The organization was founded to focus solely on dramatically increasing the nation’s college completion rate through state policy change, and to build consensus for change among state leaders, higher education, and the national education policy community.




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