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May 30, 2012                                                        Spring 2012 No. 7

Dr. Juliet V. GarcíaDear Colleagues,


Opportunities abound for many of our UTB professional staff and once in a while, coupled with the opportunity of moving closer to home,  are very hard to turn down. So it is with the opportunity that has presented itself to Meloney Linder to become the Chief Communication Officer for the School of Business at the University of Wisconsin Madison. While the move will allow her daughters to grow up much closer to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, Meloney will be greatly missed at UTB.


Meloney began her work at UTB four years ago as Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communication, and for the last year and a half has served as Vice President for Institutional Advancement. During her tenure as VPIA, she has led the division with integrity and enthusiasm.


One of Meloney’s first accomplishments was directing the university-wide comprehensive web redesign. As a result, more than 70,000 web pages were revised in a 12-month period. Meloney was also instrumental in directing the design and launch of the new brand for UT Brownsville, including implementation of new brand standards, and helping guide the reinvigoration of the alumni association.


But most impressive, and in spite of the challenges still posed by the nation's economic climate, philanthropic gifts to UTB increased 31 percent last year under Meloney's leadership, with the Distinguished Lecture Series netting $77,000, the event’s highest revenue in six years. Meloney has positioned the division well to sustain and grow new gifts by restructuring development under University Relations and designing a cohesive fundraising effort.   


The accomplishments in Institutional Advancement were realized because Meloney knew how to attract good people to our work and how to nurture those already here. She has been an excellent team player as she and her staff consistently and professionally managed the difficult circumstances of the transition process. Her optimism and infectious "can do" attitude will be greatly missed, but I am confident that the solid foundation she has laid will enable Institutional Advancement to continue on its upward trajectory. 


Because Meloney’s departure comes as the university continues to work through the right-sizing process, we have decided to consolidate divisions and make a dual appointment. Effective June 1st, Irv Downing, Vice President of Economic Development and Community Services, has agreed to also oversee the administrative duties of the Division of Institutional Advancement. Please join me in congratulating Meloney as she prepares for her new position and in thanking Irv for stepping up to help us through this challenging time. 


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