Office of the President - The University of Texas at Brownsville
Dr. Juliet V. Garcia

Dear Colleagues,

There are few moments we savor more than those just before something really wonderful is about to happen: the rehearsal before a wedding … the time spent packing before a vacation … the day before beginning a new job. …

The grandest of these moments on our campus are the days leading up to Commencement. Tomorrow almost 1,000 lives will instantly change as they graduate from students to alumni. It is not only the students’ lives that are changed forever, however. The lives of their families are improved because a college graduate is now contributing to the family income and acting as a role model and mentor to help open the door to college for the next in line. Lives in our community are also changed as our newly minted professionals provide more and improved services, increasing the quality of life for everyone.

I thank each one of you who has had a role in the accomplishments of these 1,000 students: those of you who taught and mentored students, who registered them for classes, who provided a safe and inspiring learning environment, who contributed to a scholarship fund that allowed them to continue their education, and who have given your support to this university day in and day out.

Profiles of our graduates are featured on the Commencement website, where you can also read of their triumphs in their own words.