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Couple’s Life Change Creates Giving Opportunity

BROWNSVILLE, TX – JUNE 30, 2011- For Rick and Diane Teter, The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College was a second chance at changing their lives.

This change led them to plan to help other students transform their lives, through a planned gift at UTB/TSC.Rick and Diane Teter

The couple, who met while earning their bachelor’s degrees at Baylor University, spent 20 years as cattle ranchers in the Tyler, Tex. area.

But after more than two decades, they were ready for something different. The Teters met another couple who raised Beefmaster cattle in Tamaulipas, Mexico.  They two couples ended up buying a ranch together in Mexico and the Teters bought a place in Brownsville to go between the two ranches.

In the early 90s the couple decided to quit the ranching business and go back to school.

“It really wasn’t our plan to stay here but we were in the area and had become familiar with the campus,” said Diane, who had previously taken computer processing courses at TSC. “but we realized it was time to start something new and we started school at UTB/TSC in 1991.”

Rick and Diane became full-time students, living near the campus off of what is now University Boulevard, taking a full load, eventually earning their Masters degrees in 1993; Rick a Master of Business Administration and Diane a Masters of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, with an emphasis in Biology.

Furthering their education, they both obtained their Masters in Education. Now the couple has dedicated their lives to education.

Rick works for the Educational Testing Service grading speaking sections of the Test of English as a Foreign Language, after working as an English as a Second Language instructor at The University of Texas Pan American. Diane is an associate professor of Biology at South Texas College.

“The University gave us the opportunity to change our lives,” Rick said. “We got a second chance at education and our careers.”

In 2011, the couple decided to create an estate plan. With no children to leave their estate to, their attorney suggested a living trust, which led to two planned gifts; a fifty-fifty share of the estate for UTB/TSC and UTPA.

 “We never had children so now the students who will benefit from us through scholarships will be our legacy,” Diane said. “At one point when we were going to school we were training through the ADN (associates degree in nursing) program, but due to physical constraints we couldn’t finish. So we want our gift to be targeted to students who are going through a transition like we were to further their careers but who perhaps need financial assistance to go to school.”

Through a planned gift, donors can give to the university in many ways, creating a positive lasting legacy, including bequests, designating the university as a beneficiary in retirement plans or life insurance, donating home and property, or stocks and securities.

For more information about planned giving or other giving opportunities, contact the Office of Development at (956) 882-4326 or go to, www.utb.edu/plannedgiving.


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