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Carnegie Selects UTB/TSC for 2010 Community Engagement Classification

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS – JANUARY 6, 2011- The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has selected The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College to receive the foundation’s 2010 Community Engagement Classification.

UTB/TSC was one of 115 institutions that received the distinction; 305 institutions registered to receive the application. The classification is elective and is based on voluntary participation by institutions.

There are many things that a university may be known for, but I can think of no better categorization than that of providing smart, community-focused graduates,” said Dr. Juliet V. Garcia, UTB/TSC President.”We want to teach our students to become active, engaged citizens so they can analyze the needs of the community and determine how their own talents can help improve the region’s quality of life.”

Working closely with Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Ethel Cantu, the staff of the UTB/TSC Center for Civic Engagement spearheaded the six-month-long effort in applying for the Carnegie designation. The process began when a task force was formed to gather and organize data.

Achievement of this designation is gratifying, yet this is a beginning, not an ending,” said Cantu. “We look forward to expanding our engagement in the community by infusing more service learning into our curriculum as both students and the community benefit when students apply their knowledge and skills to help solve real issues,” said Cantu.

The foundation regards a university or college participating in curricular engagement to be an institution where teaching, learning and scholarship engage faculty, students, and community in mutually beneficial and respectful collaboration.

“Many dedicated faculty, staff, students, university administrators and members of the community devoted long hours to this effort, and we are so pleased to have been recognized with this coveted designation,” said Shamina Davis, director of the Center for Community Engagement.

To learn more, go to Carnegie Foundation’s 2010 Community Engagement Classification and the list of schools who received the designation.



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