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Library Policies and Responsibilities

The library maintains the following policies and enforces the responsibilities stated below for the purpose of preserving a safe, pleasant, and quiet study atmosphere for its users.

  1. No person shall damage, destroy or deface any property and/or materials belonging to the Library.
  2. Members of the public who violate these regulations may be expelled from the library premises and/or have library privileges withdrawn by the University Librarian or campus police for a specific or indefinite period of time. Any person abusing or threatening to abuse other patrons or members of the staff may be expelled from the premises immediately and have a report filed with campus police.
  3. Proper attire is required to enter the premises. If attire is disruptive, offensive, or bothersome to others, library staff or library security may have the right to bring it to the user's attention.
  4. No person while on the premises of the library shall conduct him/herself in a violent or disorderly manner, use abusive or profane language, engage in lewd conduct, disturb any public meeting or assembly, or be found under the influence of alcohol or drugs in such a condition as to threaten the safety and rights of others. The library premises include not only the building, but all associated property, such as sidewalks, parking lots and grounds.
  5. No person may smoke anywhere in the building or consume food or un-lidded drinks in the public areas of the facility. Exceptions may be made for food and drink in the case of specific library programs, when refreshments may be permitted. Drinks with lids are permitted.
  6. No person while on the library premises shall engage in disruptive conversation or conduct or unruly behavior which inhibits the use of the library by others, nor shall any person refuse to obey the reasonable requests of an employee of the library, including a request to present identification.
  7. No person may play any audio equipment on library premises without using headphones or earphones, which make the sound inaudible to others. If sound is heard, despite the use of earphones or headphones, the patron must lower the volume or turn the audio device off. Persons receiving or making calls on cellular phones must do so quietly and not within areas designated as quiet zones. If phone calls are disruptive to other students, staff, and/or faculty, the patron may be asked to finish their conversation outside.
  8. No person while on the premises of the library shall obtain or attempt to obtain signatures to a petition or conduct surveys, investigations or distribute printed material without the express permission of the University Librarian or his or her representative. Solicitations for charitable, religious or other purposes, selling of tickets, magazines or merchandise of any kind are prohibited on library premises. The only exceptions to this rule are the on-going book sales and other fund-raising events sponsored by the Library or the Arnulfo Oliveira Literary Society, or by similar groups authorized by the University Librarian.
  9. No person shall bring animals into the building, except for those needed to assist a patron with a disability.
  10. No person shall leave children under the age of 14 unattended for any periods of time on library premises. Parents or guardians are expected to look after their children while visiting the library with them. Any unattended children will be reported to library security or campus police. Children are required to behave and act according to Library rules and policies and to behave in a manner that is respectful to patrons who require a quiet environment in which to study. The behavior of such children is the responsibility of the accompanying adult. The Library staff can call the campus security if the Library policy regarding noise and underage children in the Library is not followed by the adult.
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