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The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) is a member of the NASA Educator Resource Center Network (ERCN). The purpose of the NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) is to help educators learn about and use NASA’s educational resources.

The NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) is located at the Learning Resources Center (LRC) in Room 2.202 of the University Boulevard Library. The center provides services and materials to those in the Texas educational community including teachers, librarians, school administrators, pre-service education majors, scout leaders, public and private schools, colleges and universities, and other education-related groups.

The materials provide K-University curriculum supplements that present lessons in science, mathematics, technology, and geography. All materials are aligned with national education standards and appropriate state frameworks and are based on NASA’s unique mission and results.

NASA Instructional Materials

NASA instructional materials are created to utilize a variety of media and delivery methods. The ERC is equipped to provide educators the opportunity to preview, copy, and receive NASA instructional products in all forms. Most materials available at the ERC are free to educators. The ERC does receive a limited supply of materials, therefore individuals are limited to 1 copy of all free materials and of course availability is subject to demand. Audio-visual previewing stations are available for previewing all audio-visual formats of NASA materials.

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NASA Educational Materials

  • Educational Briefs – an activity related to a specific concept related to NASA research.
  • Educators Guides - a series of concepts and activities related to NASA research.
  • Educational Programs – brochures on the many NASA educational programs available to the public.
  • Educational Topics – book marks and one-page fliers with a brief explanation of a NASA science topic on one side and a related hands-on activity on the opposite side.
  • Educational Wallsheets – Educational posters with images related to NASA initiatives accompanied by hands-on student activities on the reverse side (often include activities for multiple grade levels).
  • Lithographs – 8 ½” x 11” photos and illustrations printed on heavy card stock, usually have information and students activities on reverse side.
  • Educational Slide Sets – 35mm slides usually accompanied by an audio cassette.
  • Educational Video Tapes – VHS tapes of programs from a variety of NASA series including: Liftoff to Learning, NASA CONNECT, NASA SCIence Files, and NASA…On the Cutting Edge.

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The NASA ERC provides any and all educators, including resource teachers, librarians, school administrators, pre-service education majors, scout leaders, public and private schools, colleges and universities with free educational materials. Materials are only free and available to educators. Educators can take any information they feel would be appropriate and beneficial to their students. Any educator wishing to acquire materials will be asked to fill out a NASA Education Evaluation System form for statistical purposes.

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