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Distinguised Lecture Series


2010 Kathryn Fullerbr




2009 Hind Kabawat


2008 Jared Diamond, Ph.D

A professor of geography and human society at the University of California, Los Angeles, Diamond explored the environmental factors that helped shape civilization and debunks popular myths about why certain societies prevail. The Harvard- and Cambridge-educated scholar suggests conditions like ample food availability were more important than natural superiority in human history.


2007 Jorge Germán Castañeda Gutman.

Castañeda was born in Mexico City. He received the French Baccalauréat from the Lycée Franco-Mexicain in Mexico City. Then after receiving his B.A. from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in Economic History from the University of Paris I (Panthéon-La Sorbonne) he worked as a professor at several universities, including the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of California, Berkeley, Princeton University, the New York University, and the University of Cambridge. He also authored more than a dozen books, including a biography of Che Guevara, and he regularly contributes to newspapers such as Reforma (Mexico), El País (Spain), Los Angeles Times (USA) and Newsweek magazine.


2005Jane Goodall, Ph.D., D.B.E.,

She was about to venture into the African forest to study chimpanzees—a highly unorthodox activity for a woman at that time. British authorities had insisted that the young woman have a companion, and so her mother would for a time share this adventure. As Jane Goodall first surveyed the mountains and valley forests of the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve, she had no idea her coming efforts would redefine the relationship between humans and animals or that this project would continue into the 21st century.


 2004 Benazir Bhutto

First elected Prime Minister at the age of 35, Bhutto became the youngest Chief Executive Officer in the world and the first female Prime Minister in the Muslim world. After just 20 months in office, her government was unconstitutionally dismissed by a rival political party. Undeterred, she was re-elected as Prime Minister in 1993.


 2003 Dr. Gregory Stock

Director of the Program on Medicine, Technology and Society at UCLA's School of Public Health and an international expert on human gene research, wants the public to understand what is already occurring in the realms of medicine and computers, and to be ready for the choices that will surely come.

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