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Software Acquisition process

This standard process is intended to assist campus departments in making decisions about software-based applications to meet their needs and the needs of the university. This process is intended to reduce both direct and indirect software expenses, to better assess aggregate campus demand for potential site licenses, and to minimize the potential impact of adverse or unintended consequences to the University. It is important to recognize not only the value of the software to the functional area but also that it must incorporate effectively with UTB requirements for service, support, security, or compliance to regulation or law.
To have software installed when a site license exists, please enter a Spiceworks work order. For a quote, please email
For a list of software already approved for UTB use, visit this link.
Steps in the Acquisition Process:
1. An online Campus Software Request Form is submitted to the Campus Software Executive Council
2. The committee will research request
3. Proposal submitted back to requesting department/individual/unit.
4. Acceptance or denial of proposal by requestor.
5. If needed, vendor negotiation by requestor, Software Executive Council, or UTB Purchasing.
6. Acquisition of product

If the software is already licensed for use at UTB (site license), it is NOT necessary to complete this checklist.  (See the Approved Software List to determine if a site license exists.)   Please submit a Spiceworks work order for the installation.
If the software is already on the UTB approved software list, ONLY complete questions 1.01 through 1.10 of the Software Acquisition Questionnaire.  If the software is not on the approved list, all fields must be completed.
Software CD

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