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Welcome to the January Datatel Client Announcements!

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  • Technology Management
    • Datatel Seeks Clients to Pre-load Software Bundles (New)
    • Important e-Commerce Update (New)
    • CF/AR Year-end Regulatory Deliveries — Updated (New)
    • Formerly "At-Datatel" Courses Now Online! (New)
    • Special Pricing on Colleague Licenses, Benefit Enrollment Online, and Employee Engagement through eePulse — Ends March 31 (New)
  • Enrollment Services and Student Services
    • Formerly "At-Datatel" Courses Now Online! (New)
    • Datatel Recruiter 1.1 Released
    • Save Time and Eliminate Confusion with Pell Automatic Updates
  • Financial Aid
    • 2011-2012 Financial Aid Setup Spreadsheet (New)
    • 2011/2012 ISIR Software Update Released (New)
    • 2011/2012 COD Additional COD Processing Software Update (New)
    • 2011/2012 COD Processing Update (New)
  • Finance and Business
    • Important e-Commerce Update (New)
    • CF/AR Year-end Regulatory Deliveries — Updated (New)
  • Institutional Advancement
    • Important e-Commerce Update (New)
  • HR and Payroll
    • Datatel Recommendations for 2011 FICA Changes (New)
    • Updating Your Payroll Tax Tables is Easy with Colleague HR (New)
    • Purchase Benefit Enrollment Online by March 31, 2011 and Save 10% (New)
    • Higher Education Discount to Datatel Clients to Improve Employee Engagement! (New)
    • DUG 2011 — For New and Established HR and Payroll Clients (New) December W-2 2010 Regulatory Update Planned

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