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Tuition and Fee Exemptions

The Texas Legislature has provided a tuition and fee exemption, excluding general property deposit and student services fees, provided under ¤54.204 and 54.205 of the Texas Education Code.


To obtain the exemption, an approved application must be on file with the Veterans Resource Center one month prior to the start of any term. Tuition and fee exemptions are granted for the following categories of students:

Hazlewood Exemption

  • Applies to qualified veterans and dependent children and spouses of eligible veterans who died in the line of duty or as a result of injury or illness directly to military service, are missing in action, or who became totally disabled for purposes of employability as a result of service related injury or illness

Hazlewood Legacy

  • Allows veterans to transfer their unused Hazelwood hours to a child

This information is provided in summary form. For more information, the Veterans Resource Center at Main - Enrollment Center, and/or refer to the Texas Education Code, 54.201, et seq.

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