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Latest Scholarship Opportunities

The Financial Aid Office reminds students and parents that scholarship opportunities may change from time to time. It is a good idea to check this list periodically to see if there is something of interest and to be advised on upcoming deadlines. The majority of these scholarship are funded by private organizations not affiliated with UTB. Important contact information, frequently asked questions, and application requirements may be available in the URL provided.

ScholarshipMajorGPACitizenshipClassificationEnrollmentAward AmountDeadlineWebsite
$2,000 No Essay College ScholarshipAllN/ALegal residents of the U.S.ALLN/A$2,000.00MonthlyApply Here!
Ayn Rand Essay ContestsAllN/AN/AALLN/AVariesMultipleApply Here!
Cancer ScholarshipsAllVaryVaryALLVaryVariesMultipleApply Here!
Coast Guard College Student Pre-Commissioning InitiativeAll2.50U.S. CitizenSophmore or JuniorN/AVariesMultipleApply Here!
College is Power ScholarshipAllN/AU.S. Citizen or legal permanent residentALLFull-time or Part-time$1,500.00MultipleApply Here!
College JumpStart Scholarship ProgramAllN/AU.S. Citizen or legal permanent residentALLN/AVariesMultipleApply Here!
Common Knowledge Scholarships-Based on What You KnowAllN/AN/AALLN/AVariesMultipleApply Here!
The Gen and Kelly Tanabe ScholarshipAllN/ALegal residents of the U.S.ALLN/A$1,000.00MultipleApply Here!
Gilman Scholarship Program for Study AbroadAllU.S. Citizens UndergraduateVaryVariesMultipleApply Here!
Hazing Awareness ScholarshipAll2.00N/ACurrently enrolledN/A$700.00MultipleApply Here!
National Merit Scholarship CorporationAllN/AN/AALLN/AVariesMultipleApply Here!
National Society of Professional Engineers Fellowship ScholarshipsEngineeringN/AN/AGraduateN/AVariesMultipleApply Here!
Return 2 CollegeAllN/AN/AALLN/A$1,500.00MultipleApply Here!
Ron Brown Scholar ProgramAllN/AU.S. Citizen or hold a permanent resident visa cardHigh School SeniorsN/A$10,000 annualyMultipleApply Here!
Scholarship Experts Essay ScholarshipsAllN/ALegal residents of the U.S.ALLN/AVariesMultipleApply Here!
The Abacus Scholarship (***Check Bonus as well***)AllN/AN/AALLHalf-time$1,234.00MultipleApply Here!
TG's Milton G. Wright ScholarshipAllN/AU.S. Citizen or legal permanent residentHS student, HS graduate, and College studentHalf-time$500.00MultipleApply Here!
UTB Young Alumni ScholarshipAll2.50U.S. Citizen or legal permanent residentFreshman or SophomoreHalf-timeVariesMultipleApply Here!
Alumni Assocation EndowmentAll3.00U.S. Citizen or legal permanent residentJunior, Senior or GraduateLess than Half-timeVariesMultipleApply Here!
Blind/Deaf Student Exemption ProgramAllN/ATexas ResidentALLN/AAll dues, fees, and enrollment charges whatsoever for which exempptions may be lawfully made.No DeadlineApply Here!
Army ROTC ScholarshipsAllN/AN/AALLN/AVariesNo DeadlineApply Here!
Elks National Foundation ScholarshipAllN/AN/AUndergraduateN/AN/ANo DeadlineApply Here! ScholarshipAllN/AN/AALLN/AVariesNo DeadlineApply Here!
Gloria and Joseph National Scholarship Fund for Migrant ChildrenAllN/AN/AALLN/A$150 - $500No DeadlineApply Here!
Lucky Draw ScholarshipAllN/AN/AALLN/A$250.00No DeadlineApply Here!
Scholarships for Cancer Survivors - High Plains DivisionAll2.00Legal resident of Guam, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or TexasHS Senior or attending collegeN/Aup to $1,000No DeadlineApply Here!
Campus Explorer Exclusive ScholarshipAllN/ALegal resdients of the U. S. and the District of ColumbiaALLN/Amonthly $1,000No DeadlineApply Here!
GP LSAT Prep-ScholarshipsLawN/AN/Acurrently enrolledN/A$1,000.00MultipleApply Here!
La Unidad Latina FoundationAll2.80N/AUndergraduate or Graduate N/AVariesMultipleApply Here!
Make Me Laugh ScholarshipAllN/AU.S CitizensAllN/A$1,500.008/31/2014Apply Here!
Shout it OutAllN/AU.S CitizensAllN/A$1,500.009/30/2014Apply Here!
AES ScholarshipAllN/AN/AAllN/A$500.0010/6/2014Apply Here!
La Unidad Latina Foundation All2.80U.S residentAllFull-timeVaries10/15/2014Apply Here!
Carrington Dental Centre ScholarshipAllN/AU.S or Canada ResidentAllN/A$500.0010/30/2014Apply Here!
Education Matters $5K Scholarship 2013AllN/AU.S residentAllN/A$5,000.0011/30/2014Apply Here!
Top Ten List Scholarship 2014AllN/AU.S residentAllN/A$1,500.0012/31/2014Apply Here!
AfterCollege Engineering Student ScholarshipAll3.00N/AAllN/A$500.003/31/2015Apply Here!
Jan Egerton and Don Smitley Mesothelioma ScholarshipAllN/AN/AUndergraduate or Graduate N/A$100.00 - $5,000.0010/7/2014Apply Here!
ADT Protect Your Home ScholarshipAllN/AN/AAllN/A$500.0012/31/2014Apply Here! Nursing School ScholarshipNursingN/AN/AAllN/A$1,000.008/31/2014Apply Here!
Good Samaritan ScholarsNursingN/ATexas Resident and U.S. Citizen or have a current, valid work permitAllN/AVariesMultipleApply Here!
Lexington Law Scholarship ProgramAll2.50N/AAllN/A$10,000.008/31/2014Apply Here!
The Solutionreach ScholarshipAll3.00N/ACompleted 9 hrsAll$4,000.008/18/2014Apply Here!
"Clubs of America Scholarship Award"All3.00N/AAllN/A$1,500.008/31/2014Apply Here!
The SEO ScholarshipAllN/AU.S Citizen or permanent resident of the United StatesAllFull-time$1,000.0011/07/2014Apply Here!
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