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Financial Aid FAQs

  1. How do I apply for Financial Aid?
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Code UTB on your FAFSA (030646)

    Note: You must have a U.S. Department of Education PIN to apply online. Request it at

  1. Do I need to apply every year?
  2. Yes. One application must be completed each academic school year.

  1. When do I have to start repaying my student loan?
  2. Six months after graduation or six months after you fall below half-time status, whichever occurs first.

  1. Are there any other types of grants or assistance I can apply for to help pay for my tuition?
  2. Yes, there are scholarships. To be considered for scholarships, please visit our Scholarship website and follow the instructions given to apply for a particular scholarship.

  1. Do I need to apply again for the summer?
  2. No, our school year begins with the fall term and continues through the second summer session; however, you must complete and submit the Summer Award Request form online. This should be available in the Online Forms section of the website. Submitting this form will notify our office what intentions you have for summer enrollment and what types of assistance you are interested in.

  1. How many hours must I enroll for in order to be considered for Financial Aid?
  2. While many financial aid awards are available for half-time (6-8 hours) students, some programs have additional enrollment requirements. Check out details and requirements of different programs on the Financial Aid Programs website.

  1. I will be transferring to another school. Does my financial aid transfer to the school I will be attending?
  2. No. We recommend that you contact that school to verify other processing requirements.

  1. What are the consequences if I drop a class or completely withdraw from UTB?
  2. You may not be making satisfactory academic progress; therefore, you may not be eligible for additional financial aid. You may also be required to repay funds received during the semester if you drop or completely withdraw from classes. See the section on Return of Title IV funds.

  1. What is the status on my Financial Aid?
  2. Use UTB Online or contact Financial Aid at (956) 882-8277 to verify if your file is complete. You can also e-mail us at Keep in mind that only general information will be disclosed over the phone. For specific details about your file or awards, visit Financial Aid in Enrollment Center @ The Tower. A photo ID is required.

  1. When can I pick up my grant balance? Loan balance?
  2. Most grant balances will be mailed to your mailing address or deposited to your banking institution (if requested) on or after the first class day.

    NOTE: Financial Aid deadlines must have been met.

Financial Aid
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