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On June 25, 2010, 150 students visited the UTB Go-Green Assistance Center from the Tex-Prep program.
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A visitor enjoys learning at one of the technology learning centers in the Go Green Assistance Center.
Visitors - Image 3
A group of students tour the Go Green Assistance Center with their professor – A hands on learning experience.
Visitors - Image 4
Wow!!! What are we learning together today at the Go Green Assistance Center - Technology learning center.
Visitors - Image 5
The Professor meets the “Learning Needs” of these students at the Go Green Assistance Center.
Visitors - Image 6
UTB Architecture Program students visiting the center.
Visitors - Image 8
Observing the solar panel.
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The UTB Go-Green Assistance Center is a great place for students, instructors, builders and community organizations to study the differences among the materials and become informed about many green-related technologies and methodologies.

We have been receiving groups of students and the general public who want to learn about saving energy, new technologies, government tax incentives and community resources, for example, who can install solar panels.

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